Many who own cashmere scarves would like to know how to take care of the cashmere products. Whether you’re preparing to store your cashmere scarves in the season change or just washing them for the need. When it comes to 100% cashmere scarves, you can’t just put them in the washing machine like another clothings. When in hot water, cashmere will easily shrink and deform and end up not wearable. So, to maintain your Ovciocashmere scarf in a good way following the guide can help to last the high-quality cashmere scarf for a life time.

How to prepare the wash for the 100% cashmere scarf

You want to check on the condition of the cashmere wraps/shawls/scarfs before washing them

  • for cashmere scarves with stains, cleans the specific area with gentle soap. If you don’t have have the soap specific for 100% cashmere scarf, try the dish detergent or baby shampoo.
  • for women cashmere scarf that have irritating bumps, remove them by the electric pill remover before washing them.

Once the 100% cashmere scarf and cashmere sweaters are ready to be washed, here are the steps to follow:

Fill your sink or a basin with cold water and add some mild detergent.

  1. Put your cashmere scarf in the water and swirl it around to fully soak the water .
  2. Change clean water and press the cashmere wraps without stretching them. Make sure it is clean and ready to be dry.
  3. Drain the water by using a cotton towel to soak up extra water.  Press carefully to remove as much water as possible.
  4. Place the cashmere scarves in a flat place to have it dry by the air.

If hand washing is not your thing, you can always go with eco-friendly dry cleaning. Dry cleaning would be a professional to protect your precious cashmere scarves since it avoids any high temperature process to protect the cashmere fiber from deforming.